Monday and Wednesday ( segunda e quarta-feira ) 5PM-7PM

Early Production- ( Grade 1- 1a classe) Mrs. Gisany Monteiro

Speech Emergent- ( Grade 2-2a classe)

Intermediate Fluent- ( Grade 4-4a classe)

Advanced Fluent- ( Grade 6- 6a classe)

Advanced Fluent- ( Grades 8 )


Tuesday and Thursday ( terça e quinta feira) 5PM- 7PM

Pre- Production- ( Introduction- Age 5- Pré-Primária*)

Speech Emergent- ( Grade 3- 3a classe)

Intermediate Fluent- (Grade 5- 5a classe)

Advanced Fluent- (Grade 7- 7a classe, Grade 9-9 classe )


Saturday 9AM-12PM

Conversational Portuguese 1 for Adults Miss Shelley Sousa
Conversational Portuguese 2  for Adults
Introduction to Portuguese for Young Learners                             Conversational Spanish for Adults