We are a non-profit organization located in New Bedford, Massachussetts, with over a 90 year history of teaching children to speak, read and write Portuguese.  We offer classes 5 days a week, from beginners to advanced levels, for elementary through high school aged students.
All people derive benefit from the acquisition of a second
language, which enhances their personal and professional
opportunities living and working in the global 21st century
Expand the acquisition and development of the Portuguese
language, as well as, develop the understanding and
appreciation for the Portuguese culture among members of the
South Coast Community.
1. Provide educational opportunities responsive to the diverse
needs of the South Coast community in the areas of
Portuguese language acquisition and cultural understanding.
2. To develop innovative opportunities to expand the reach and
impact of the school within the community for the benefit of
students of all ages and backgrounds to support their
educational, business and personal goals.